After the death of Mendelssohn, Schumann finds the comfort in the direction in the concerts of the Company choral society that Ferdinand Hiller, one of his more faithful friends, proposes to him.

It finds the vivifying contact of Bach, Palestrina, Beethoven and composes even of many choruses. 

        The piano brings even some joys to him, and it is the composition of “the album for youth” Op 68, as well as the “Scenes of forest” Op 82.


Félix Mendelssohn towards the end of its life

It also returns to the chamber music. The Trios and the quintet are among its most successful works.

        But Europe is agitated at that time, and in May 1849, of the important disorders burst in Dresden. Schumann then thinks of leaving the city with its family. It is at that time that it finishes its Faust, most important of its dramatic works. This work had been in gestation for almost ten years. 

        On July 16, 1849, its second Ferdinand wire comes in the world. At the beginning of 1850, Schumann foresees finally the hope to leave Dresden. Hiller gives up the succession of its orchestra in Düsseldorf and proposes it in Schumann.

        In Düsseldorf, they are accomodated cordially. A reception is given in their honor and Schumann is on the point of going up to the desk with joy. 

        The orchestra is excellent, and it does not doubt a moment to have finally found the station to which it aspired years since. 


Schumann towards 1848

         The beginnings are promising, and the environment is favourable with the composition. Schumann finishes the concerto for violoncello Op 129, and in November it polishes Rhenish symphony Op 97. 

        But at the beginning of the year 1851, Schumann encounters the first difficulties with the orchestra. In fact he is neither a big boss, nor a very short chief. 

        The family increases by a sixth child on December 1, 1851. it is about Eugenie with whom we owe a biography of her father.

        Schumann undertake a voyage for Germany of the South. The rounds follow one another, in Brussels, Antwerp, and in Holland where they receive a triumphal reception.

        But of return to Düsseldorf, Schumann finds the problems with the orchestra. Accustomed to live the music of the interior, it sometimes happens to him to forget the musicians and to leave them in daydreams. 

        The orchestra sinks quickly in anarchy and in 1852 a crisis of cerebral anaemia moves away it from the desk. 
It is put in residence to resign and it will give up definitively its station in 1853.


Brahms à 20 ans

To its dimensioned, will come to take seat, received for the first time on September 30, 1853, Johannes Brahms;

“any young man with the long hair fair and beautiful like the day” (dixit Marie) 

and which dedicated to the couple a devotion without terminals.

Joys are still given to Schumann: In March 1852, he knows the one Schumann week honors in Leipzig, given with the assistance of the most famous artists, of which Liszt itself.

  Franz Liszt en 1835

       Clara awaits another baby who will be born in on June 11, 1854. It will be prénommera Felix, in memory of Mendelssohn, but he will not know his father since Schumann will be interned in March 1854. 

        In May 1853, Robert and Clara have the joy of intending the Joachim violonist to interpret the concerto for violin of Beethoven as “never I had not intended to play of the violin” will say it. Its contact is for Robert like an oxygen puff. It feels to live again. he writes about it:

“Morning and evening, music with Joachim… Joachim marvellous… Joachim bewitches us.”       



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