When one thinks of Schumann, one thinks of the madness. It is to forget, that apart from his depressive periods, Robert had a family life happy and rich in birth.

On September 1, 1841, his first daughter, Marie, is born. It is also the year of its first symphony “spring”. 

        At the same time he undertakes the composition of his fourth symphony, conceived at the origin in only one movement and which was to be entitled “symphonic Imagination”. . 

        The year 1842, is passed with the liking of the rounds of Clara, and as always on similar Schumann occasion is very depressed. 

During this year it will compose practically only of works of chamber music, of which a quintet with piano that Liszt will judge severely because of its classicism, and a quartet with piano. 


Clara and Marie towards 1845

        On April 25, 1843, is born their second Élise daughter. The father of Clara, which for some time accepted the marriage of his daughter with Robert writes a letter of reconciliation and proposes to them to come to Dresden where it will accomodate them with pleasure.

        In 1844, Clara undertakes a great round from Berlin to Moscow. This voyage is glorious for Clara, but once more Schumann sees its moral worsening quickly, more especially as it crosses one sterile period which causes behavioral problems and faintnesses to him repeated.

        On its return to Leipzig it gives up the direction of its review and presents its candidature for the replacement of Mendelssohn to the head of the orchestra of Gewwandaus. Unfortunately one prefers the Dane Niels Gade to him.


Robert towards 1845

        Deeply saddened and disappointed, Schumann decide to leave Leipzig and they leave to settle in Dresden.

        At that time, Schumann already composed the majority of major works of her repertory. It will finish the composition of the concerto for piano in 1845, the Rhenish Symphony op.97 and the concerto for violoncello op.129, will be finished in 1850.


Félix Mendelssohn

        By leaving Leipzig, it gives up the town of its studies, the town of its musical review, the town of his friend Mendelssohn, the town of Clara.

         Consequently, its state will not cease worsening. When it arrives at Dresden, it is empty of any inspiration. Schumann becomes exhausted in vain attempts at composition. Insomnia and the crises of tears worsen. 

        It finds happiness only within its family and on March 11, 1845 it is the birth of Julie. Less than one year after it is Emilie who arrives at the home of Schumann. She is born on February 8, 1846. 


Robert and Clara Schumann

        On November 4, 1847, Mendelssohn dies quasi suddenly. Its death gives birth to at Schumann from obsessions and morbid terrors. 

After his three daughters, Schumann with the joy on January 20, 1848 of accomodating its first Ludvig wire. 



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