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        Located at crossroads between Languedoc and Aquitaine, the Vocal Center Orpheus, an appreciable range of advantages offers which go from the tourist places to the cultural life. 

        But the fame of the Vocal Center is especially due to the quality of its teaching and the artistic and teaching value of its founder Sabine Steffan, opera singer internationally recognized. 

        Since many years, the Vocal Center Orpheus appears among the best of the best schools of song. Professional singers or amateurs of all the countries already trusted him. 

        The training courses and the courses of song are addressed to the professionals of the voice but also to the amateurs and to the beginners. Each one on its level will be able to follow the workshops and the courses given by speakers, all resulting and graduates from international academies or universities. Pianists, but also directors, artists and lecturers accompany the training courses. 

        The training courses of variety are done with professionals of the voice and sound engineers, to resulting from the training course a master of the pieces worked during the week is given free to each trainee. 

The training courses and the courses of song are articulated around 5 main axes:

     · Lyric vocal technique and of variety: breathing, poses voice, courses theoretical and practical vocal.
    · Lyric art and setting in scene
    · Musical formation
    · Wellbeing and pleasure of the song
    · Cours de administrative management and commercial for singers 

The Vocal Center proposes courses of song, individual training courses of song and training courses of groups all the year. 

The places of training course of song, as well in France as abroad are selected to offer the maximum of comfort to the trainees. And what could be to better illustrate my matter to propose to you to listen Sabine Steffan in recital!

“Ave Maria” 
de David Bailey,
writting for the " Abbé Pierre "

“Un bel dì Vedremo” 
extrait de Madame Butterfly
de G. Puccini


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