Betty Bruylants
interprète Jean-François Dandrieu et et Baldassare Galuppi


Translation in English



Absolutely splendid ! 

Beginning with the end, first note with the last breathing, all subtly is brought, as deposited by an angel and delivered for us… for our pleasure.
You like already the harpsichord, you will be completely conquered… you do not like yet the harpsichord, that could not last very a long time!
Recorded in a church with Juste what it is necessary of reverberation, the musical speech appears limpid to us. Acoustics is excellent, the whole, returned by a recording of an admirable quality! 

The round and sumptuous sonority of the harpsichord is sublime. The low ones are deep and the acute ones are never metal.
The adopted tempi, relatively moderate, make it possible to appreciate the structure of the sentences and the continuity of the distilled musical line in an always delicate way.
The play of Betty Bruylants touches by the soft personality of its sonority, and by the quality of the details and ornamentations. 

The artist plays constantly with time, (rubato) but always in a subtle way.
Personally I am under the charm. I was conquered. 
It is, without any possible doubt, an excellent recording which enabled me to discover the music of Dandrieu which does not have anything to envy the music of its contemporaries.
Frankly it is superb !

In supplement of the disc of Dandrieu, Betty Bruylants forwarded to me a splendid disc of six sonatas of Baldassare Galuppi. It was recorded in 1994 and currently knows an renewed interest near the public. This is why I chose to present to you an extract of the first movement of the sonata in minor F. This disc knew many adventures during its creation, (fire in the church day before recording, etc…) but it is completely tasty and impresses authenticity, since Betty Bruylants was to seek the manuscripts of the sonatas to the library Sainte Cecile in Rome. There remain some discs to be bought. You can get them to you near the artist itself by contacting it, since its site.
To discover! 

Jean-François Dandrieu
Premier livre, première suite
La Plaintive (extrait)

(téléchargement 1,30")

Jean-François Dandrieu
Deuxième livre, quatrième suite
Les Doux Propos

(téléchargement 1,30")

Baldassare Galuppi
Sonate en Fa mineur

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Amis du Clavecin

Jean-François Dandrieu (1682-1738)

Parts for Harpsichord of the first second and third book 

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Baldassare Galuppi (1706 - 1785 )

Sonate en Do mineur
Sonate en Si bémol majeur
Sonate en Mi bémol majeur
Sonate en Sol mineur
Sonate en La majeur
Sonate en Fa mineur